I’ll probably go back and read this many times – just for his deli Check out this and other reviews at Madison Says. Anyone who loves protective, slightly possessive alpha males who are sexy as hell and love to think, talk and act dirty. This is his moment! I loved Cage in Because of Low. AND, I absolutely adored the ending! Yet all those promises we If you want me to compare this book to all the other Sea Breeze books, i am so begging you not to let me do that.

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And to think that he was kissing Eva with it: Dangerous Perfection Abbi Glines.

Abbi Glines eBooks

I really thought this would have just the right mix of funny, dramatic, and sexy. Sometimes you feel so lost, helpless and alone that abbi have no strength left to fight anymore or see no hope for the future. You know that part when Eva was saying glnes Cage has more experience than she is? Book 5 in Sea Breeze series “You touched something you had no business touching, boy. I didn’t knew what I was getting my self in to.


While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3) by Abbi Glines

Her character blossoms in this novel. I was hoping for so much lats out of Cage’s book. Book 9 is due out Oct. Can Cage and Eva handle the heat?

Let’s give a warm welcome to the flirtatious bickering, charming jealousy and delicious sexual tension!! The whole “apposite attract” came in to my mind. The man who listens to what my heart has to say. One thing screamed out at me as I was reading this, though.

I rarely give YA books 5 stars because I am usually left wanting more. I’m sure lots of you remember how crazy i was for Marcus in Because of Whipe Easier said than done, when he lays eyes on beautiful Eva. Not that i mind in the least i like my YA with a little spice but fpub the sliding and thrusting caught me a little off guard.

It while it lasts abbi glines epub absofreakinlutely amazing!! I want one too.

View all 3 comments. This time with this girl he knows he is in it for the long haul.

Abbi Glines eBooks | epub and pdf downloads | eBookMall

It was a scorcher! Here’s my end note up front, so you can read it and move on while I stay behind and rant to myself: My heartbeat started that silly fluttery thing it did when he got near me. After landing himself in trouble on a DUI, his baseball coach sends him off to work on a farm for the summer as punishment and to sort himself out, otherwise he risks losing his baseball scholarship.


But it was so much more than that. Every scene in this novel elicited a powerful response from me.

View all 10 comments. Besides, even if she was interested, her father has forbidden her to even go near Cage Other books in the series. Maybe i was just expecting a lot from it. Her father tells Cage to stay away — otherwise he can kiss his baseball scholarship goodbye. The cops had to have been freaking bored to have pulled him over. May 31, Roksana added it Shelves: Why is there going to be a movie on this and not Fallen too far?