Christmas , ChristmasThoughts , consumption. Tuesday, December 05, Posted by Guanaguanare at 2: Where The Action Is. Scrunter – Drinking Anything. Dat Is Yuh Family. Is soca parang Vamos amigos, take one fuh de road… And… Ah say, yuh must give me something for Christmas Yuh must gih mih something for Christmas Yuh better run something fast Cause ah walk with mih glass Ah say yuh must gih mih something for Christmas.

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She Wants Me to Sing in the. We religiously publish original content every Monday. Santa Want to Jam.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Where The Action Is. He also taught us how to be entrepreneurial. Ah Lick E Thing.

Eat Something – Scrunter | Shazam

Keep it beautiful, make it even more so. Passionfruit pom pom pom. With the way people does gyrate on perfect strangers, when fete season is upon us and we all know as soon as Christmas Day done, is fete seasonit real easy to wine up on your daddy cousin sister niece. Dat eh wukkin here tonight. I want some homemade wine, Madam Gloria Gih me de home de wine. Yuh could make wine outta dat too. Is Christmas again, is Christmas again Bring sommething all de scotch, bring all de gin, yuh better bring everything Feliz Navidad, dis is Trinindad Spread de word around all over de town.


Blessed is all of creation Blessed be my beautiful people Blessed be the day of our awakening Blessed is my country Blessed are her patient hills. Sing in She Party. In De Back Yard. So, with Christmas in the air, and this being the Christmas issue, I thought, why not throw my weave in the ring, and give Scrunter a bligh.

Fu-Ki Thomas December 18, at 7: Notify me of srunter comments via e-mail. Oil In Yhe Coil.

6 Things I Learnt from Scrunter

Citrus pom pom pom. Sangre Grande native from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Jumbie De Road Mix. Aimee December 21, at 4: Neighbour, neighbour, open de door, neighbour Is Chistmas morning, you should be waking Put de drinks on de table Ah hope yuh bar able Me and de boys come to give you a parang We eh leaving till de liquor done [Oy yoy yoy, ay yay yay] Come on fellahs leh we take a next one [Oy yo yoy, ay yay yay] We have about ten more house scrunter eat something before you go clean [Oy yoy yoy, ay yay yay] We drinking from paint to kerosene [Oy yoy yoy, ay yay yay] Is Christmas, Merry Christmas!

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On a bwfore harmless note, Scrunter has a point. Ma Jeffrey oye, get up! We awake, we laugh, we return! Is Christmas morning Time to put some smoke in yuh kitchen, oh gyul. Brown Sugar – Scrunter. When you gone, yuh job will send yuh parents a wreath, get someone else in the department to fill in for you, by the next day, latest, and within two weeks, somebody done get hired to fill your ssomething.


To respond to my musings about whether there were songs from any other culture which enthusiastically celebrate Christmas fare, I present the traditional lyrics for “We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Christmas is the time when yuh does eat any and everything. Then there is the host’s pride in knowing that the guests were well fed and on the flip side the fear, as expressed by the hostess in Scrunter’s “Eat Something Before Yuh Go”, that people will say that she did not feed him bwfore he leaves her home with an empty stomach and is later seen throwing up.