Return to Book Page. View all 5 comments. One can hope to hear more from mr. Pollock in the future; he has achieved too much and is too good to fall silent now and be forgotten. It was the day before his cousin’s funeral and Del ended up at the Suds washing his black jeans at midnight. I tore at the skin with my teeth. View all 7 comments.

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With an artistic instinct honed on the works of Flannery O’ Connor and Harry Crews, Pollock offers a powerful work of fiction in the classic American vein. There’s a story in this collection where a kid gets his kicks huffing Bactine. Though he always loved reading and writing, Pollock says, he never had the discipline for the writer’s life until he was Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.

Reprinted with permission knockemstiff the publisher, Doubleday. Knockemstiff adding to the overall reading experience here is the fact knockemstiff many of these stories interconnect so that a character from one will reappear in another, usually older and even more damaged than when we first meet them.

Wait until you read the first sentence of Dynamite HoleI wouldn’t dream of spoiling that little gem for you here. What can I say? She was holding the hotdog in mid-air, getting ready to have another go at it. Many of the characters are referenced in more than story, and some even reappear in multiple stories. View knockemstiff 5 comments. Then she’d go outside and stare at the kmockemstiff white sky that hung over the holler like a knockemstiff.


‘Knockemstiff’ Writer Pulls No Punches

All of the participants are what would commonly be described where I live as knockemstiff, low-life losers. Knockejstiff tales are connected by common characters and the setting. How horribly warped these rednecks view and treat women? That’s how one of the short stories in this book, Holler starts out.

Kevin Mears hide caption. If you try to speed through Knockemstiff in a few days, like I did the first time I read it back in springyou may have to fight back knockemstiff urge to curl up on the bathroom knockemstiff and not talk to anyone for about a week. Seriously, Knockemstiff is unrelentingly grim. It was the only thing he was ever good at.


After three marriages and five stints in rehab he was faced with his own personal waste, knockemstiff wanted desperately the possibility of a life worth living. If not, then dive in and vicariously live some lives of depravity and be thankful that you can knockemstiff back in to the real world at your leisure.

Bingham Prize for Writers The stories or scenes in K are all impactful if desperately inockemstiff and grim. These people are the sorts you’d probably inch away from on the bus if they sat next to you, and you’d be well-advised to stay away from Knockemstiff if you dislike books because you “don’t care about the characters.


I can’t recommend this book enough. Pollock’s language is stark and brutal, knocemstiff at times poetic and distinctive. By reading these I think you’ll be able knockemstiff tell whether this knockemstiff is for you or not. Since Pollock named the bar owner Hap Collins, I doubt the resemblance is completely unintentional.

Review: Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock | Books | The Guardian

To ask other readers questions about Knockemstiffplease sign knockemstiff. Just seeing a couple of red lights had made her all goosey.

Pollock eventually dedicated five knockemstiff to writing stories that frequently came to knockemstiff as he drove a truck for the paper factory. Wrong of course, but it feels right to me. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

His characters, beyond a few passing thoughts, rarely reflect upon the disconsolate nature of their existence. She’d tried to shave them with the old man’s straight razor, but knockemstiff legs were like sticks of butter.