I removed the trojans, and then noticed the actual server “Debbo v3. Messages 4 Likes 0. Ramy New Member Feb 14, FConnect New Member May 9, D Anyways, still using Windows XP or are they old pictures?

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Debbo with a CMS | – Community of Developers & Gamers

Go to your host and find the FTP details. For example, if the link was [ To view this link you must register here.

Choose the Loader Button habbo debbo top one 8. Sorry, new to old-skool: Old school is the shit, also thanks for the tutorial! Messages 3 Likes 0. Syntus New Member Jan 5, Messages 94 Likes You must log in or register to reply here. Hxbbo you’ve made that, double click on the directory. Also when I open debbo again it says port is already been used and it closes. Ramy New Member Feb 14, Messages 1, Likes Thit’s a realy nice CMS!!!! Click Habbos, find your username, and then rank and make habbo debbo self an administrator!


Messages 2, Likes Want to chat with other members? Steam Most active players Most active games Most played games Most owned games. BloodlineDebbo V3. Navigate to the v18 folder that you’ve extracted to your desktop in the window to the left of where you created your directory.

Well right habbo debbo I am using woodpecker layout and I would habbbo to upgrade a bit because any emulators above r18 don’t work for me, Holograph always closes right after opening and the CMS’s don’t like my computer, when I go to install them I get huge orange boxes saying unhandled this and that so thats why I stay with habboPHP even though its french, it seems to be the only CMS that works for me. If it works it will look like this: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser habbo debbo proceeding.

habbo debbo Create a folder called Debbo v3. Steam Most active players Most active games Most played games Most owned games. Messages 1 Likes 1. Pepine New Member May 14, Then register now, and become a part of the community! Copy the HTML code in to your website creator 9.


Debbo 4.0 with a CMS

Messages 4 Likes 0. After 30 seconds loading that pop up when Debho clicked on register Help. Download Debbo, and extract all the files into that folder. It habbo debbo be sexy if someone can make a revcms skin of this oldskool looking habbo. Once you find your details, enter them into Filezilla: Kool Doctor Sep 3,