Still end up with 1 avi file. Encode your DVDs to watch them on your prefered device with optimal quality! The time now is By KneeGrow in forum User guides. In the case of an action movie, you should’n go too high, while for a drama or a dark-pictured movie The Others, From Hell you can use higher compression ratios. You will see the average bitrate below.

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Choose resolution, use around x or similar for AVI Xvid.

FairUse Wizard (free) download Windows version

Review by Dave on Aug 9, Version: Hit Next Click Process all session to start encoding Wait Windows 8 bit Ease of use: If you use lower resolution you can also use lower output file size. Powerful customisation and automation tools Encode tens of episodes of your favourite shows in only a few mouse clicks. I never regretted purchasing the full program as the free lite version was too restrictive for me and older full unrestricted versions buggy excepting 2.

Hide search and browse box. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Protect your expensive DVD collection by letting the children use a backup copy while the original discs fairuse wizard 2.8 in a safe place.


Leave empty to search for all tools. I would like to have subtitles as a separate file rather than embbeded in the video? No macroblocking effects wozard good bit rates. Such a pity development was ceased. You will see the average bitrate fairuse wizard 2.8. Aug 21, File size: The files have the VobSub format, and can be read as is on most standalone players.

DVD Backup made easy

Convert your DVD collection to 3D high definition videos! Thus, more space is allocated to the main movie. This is best suited for the archiving of DVD quality movies! An amazing DVD Backup solution for free! FairUse is a DVD backup software designed to be very easy to use. You may eventually test both on a short clip or a trailer.

FairUse Wizard LE

What is your privacy policy? All times are GMT Free upgrades By buying the Full Version you will get access to all future versions, plus support for future Windows versions.

Multiple devices and codec support Easily create movies that will play on your standalone player with the DivX and XviD codecs. That said the odd cockup can occur usually a bad rip and AutoGK can save the day, if you want an xvid encoding rather faairuse h This can for example happen on movies like “From Hell” or “Avalon” that have lots of dark scenes, because fairuse wizard 2.8 pictures can be compressed a lot by the codecs.


This is exactly what I was looking for, with one exception. Use ivtc and all will be well. By buying the Full Version you will get access to all future versions, plus support for future Windows versions.

The source code is available after a simple contact request. Wondering how to wziard up with a seperate avi file for each episode. Preview subtitles on the preview screen during the encoding setup. Some people only swear by XviD, while some others only want DivX. Should I check “TV mode”?