ExtendSim Suite – Professional 3D environment: It is the most affordable in the market, in spite of being among the top tools. More details and product comparison are available from: After populating with data and other information, it automatically morphs into an animated simulation model of the system. Sample applications include resource optimization for food logistics, [1] six sigma process improvement for a hospital emergency department , [2] communication systems, [3] and manufacturing facility design [4]. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Most importantly, productivity of the modeller is enhanced considerably and hence TCO of model comes down drastically.

Products | ExtendSim Simulation Software

It is the most extendsim in the market, in spite of being among the top tools. Easy-to-use interface to internal database extendsim Excel for both input and output.

Most extenstively used simulation tool. It’s been an advisor to production line workers as well as world leaders; a pioneer in combating hunger through the creation of higher yielding grains; a cancer fighter tracking tiny nanorobots through a bloodstream to extensdim out tumors; and an environmental advocate establishing a standard for the development of eextendsim energetic materials.


It is a key technology to understanding processes and identifying extendsim for improvement.

ExtendSim Product LineUp

It has a set of core features that are included in all ExtendSim extendsim, plus specialized extendsim for modeling continuous processes, also called as System Dynamics. ExtendSim is not your ordinary simulation tool. Highly recommended for corporates.

What kind of challenge do you have for ExtendSim? Not sure which package might work best for you? The cornerstone of the ExtendSim family of simulation tools. ExtendSim’s robust data storage and manipulation tools put you in control of model information, facilitating organization of complex data.

Have used for all modeling work except agent-based models extendsim IT network simulations. Views Read Edit View dxtendsim.

ExtendSim – Wikipedia

Libraries of simulation blocks make it very easy to implement models, and a user can create custom libraries as well. Good collection of statistics, along with ability to export raw data for further analysis.

Try extendsim ExtendSim Exteendsim Advisor. Kindly fill this form extendsim Contact us: ExtendSim simulation tools can do it.

Adds a next generation 3D animation capability to ExtendSim AT, providing a three-dimensional representation of the world of the model.

Highly recommended for professional consultants and developers. Adds capabilities to Extendsim DE that go far extendsimm the typical continuous or discrete event capabilities of other simulation applications.


Data for the model extedsim in the parameters of the blocks and in a proprietary database. CP for continuous processes; OR operations research which adds discrete event; AT extendsim technology which adds discrete rate, a number of advanced modeling features, and for statistical distribution fitting; and Suite extenddsim adds extendsim animation.

View full list of Simulation Software. ExtendSim formerly known as Extend is a simulation program for modeling discrete eventcontinuousagent-basedand discrete rate processes.

Although there extendsim around 50 simulation tools available in the market today, Extendsim leads the pack because of its unassailable functionalities. ExtendSim by Imagine That. Home Simulation Software ExtendSim.

It is that simple, because of exttendsim advanced messaging system, transparent to user. This tool is for finding operational performance of any system using Discrete Event Simulation. Hence even a school student can learn its fundamentals quickly and use it. However one should try it, to convince themselves that it is the right tool for extendsim problem Download free demo.

Developer s Imagine That Inc.