Carlo Domeniconi – list of works. Resolve by Poppy Ackroyd. Sonata in 4 movements composed for Gabriela Demeterova and Pavel Steidl. Concerto in 3 movements. The old Zarabanda experiences completely new aspects and fully frees itself of its old form. Pauses and sudden appearances shape the piece.

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Oh her first full-length for One Little Indian, the classically trained pianist has her unique virtuosity on full display. Composed for Nora Buschmann. Short impressionistic and csrlo pieces. Premiered at the Aahus Festival Settings of original poems by the Sufi poet Yunus Emre Konya, around Guitar quartet and a bottle of retsina.

Commissioned by the Leipzig Aquarium. By “classical” I don’t mean the stylistic era, but rather the way in which I recollect the “classical doneniconi. Ponce, whose style and harmony is also imitated neoclassical—impressionistic. The influence of classes with Heinz-Friedrich Hartig is obvious.

Classical Guitar

The concept of Basse deep refers to the dance step, with the feet always on the ground. Guitar and large orchestra. Written for Matias Oliveira Pinto. Late Romantic guitar piece written for Brigitte Zaczek. One reaches a condition where almost any sound could fit, or even silence domeniiconi sound.


Composed for Thea Nielsen. Suite in the old style, as a baroque dance suite.

In addition there is something akin to carll leitmotiv carlo domeniconi 24 preludes does not depict the little prince, but rather his relationship to the world. In the programme of the composer. The idea of this piece came from domenickni image of a soul fighting for inner beauty but hindered by the temptations of the sensual world. There is a later version for 4 guitars. However, the score also provides for a happy end. Written for Alvaro Pierri. He works in many genres and is available for commissions.

Ted Mann Peterborough, New Hampshire. The first was Monika Ritter von Hattingberg, to whom this piece is dedicated. Dedicated to Ana Villa. It tells of the adventures of the famous folk hero in short musical pictures. This piece is based on dkmeniconi eight-tone scale.

Friar Tuck, the hermit, is a kind of spiritual leader carlo domeniconi 24 preludes the group.


Musically oriented on Andean music. A first “final” version was recorded by the composer in for the LP of same name, from which the musical score also originated.

Carlo Domeniconi – Wikipedia

A hymn-like work dedicated the Brazilian cellist Matias de Oliveira Pintowho premiered it. The golden lyre of Apollo. Brouwer lists Cancion de Cuna, Ojos Brujos and cuban landscape with rain. I’ve only hear koyunbaba, and I dig it Dedicated to Carlo Marchione who premiered it.