Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content. Insert the installation disk into your server computer. The following steps show how to create a USB boot disk and reset password. After successfully resetting Windows Server r2 admin password, you need to revert the changes done to cmd. However, it also has its shortcomings compare with other password reset software, such as it take more time to recover a lost password, it need a big rainbow table, it doesn’t work with strong password on windows xp or later, and it doesn’t work with domain and raid server computer. Reset Windows Server R2 administrator password with installation disk. Use Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker to recover the forgotten password.

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The following steps show how to create a USB boot disk and reset password. In addition, you can create a new Administrator account to login in no matter you forgot your domain administrator password or domain user account just in similar way by clicking Add User button to add a new user name.

Asunsoft Windows 7 Password Reset

Reset Windows Server R2 administrator password with installation disk. Help you regain access to Windows 7 without files lost. See How to set computer boot from USB disk. When Windows Password Geeker start, it will show you user accounts of sdrver computer, and then you can choose one to reset its password.


Windows Server 2008 r2 forgot administrator password, how to get in?

If you want to reset or recover a local user password for windows server and you computer is not a raid server, you can get chtnpw and ophcrack and have a try.

Chntpw and Ophcrak are the free software for recover a forgotten password for windows.

If your computer is a raid computer, Chntpw and Ophcrack will not detect the windows system on your computer. Reset Windows Server r2 administrator password. Get Chntpw program and unzip it to usb drive. When you forgot Windows 7 password, Asunsoft Windows 7 Password Reset is your good choice to recover password instantly.

Only domain administrator accounts will be listed if the Windows Server works as a domain controller 3. User reviews about Asunsoft Windows 7 Password Reset.

In addition to that, there are some basic solutions you need to know. You got it here!

Asunsoft Windows 7 Password Reset (Windows) – Download

Download and install Windows Password Refixer Ultimate on another accessible computer. This tutorial will definitely solve your problem by explaining how to reset a domain administrator password on Windows server r2 with Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker Advancedwhich is regarded rreset one of the most preferable solution.

Do you recommend it? Now the command prompt dialog opens. It is not asunsoft windows server 2008 r2 password reset advanced by the computer, so it works just as well on a Dell setver PC as it does on a HP laptop.


Ophcrack also is a free program, and it is the only one who can get back the lost password for local user account actually. If there is another accessible administrator on your server computer, logon as that administrator to reset your administrator password.

Your review for Asunsoft Windows 7 Password Reset. March 10, 9: I think I have forgotten the right password or my password has been change by the virus.

Then what can you do to turn around the situation? Then logon to this newly created administrator account to reset your password forgotten administrator password. Best solutions for Password Recovery and Data Recovery. When burning successfully you have created a bootable password reset asunsoct.

Next you need to copy cmd. Windows Server has features representing next generations of Windows Server. Then you click Reboot to restart your Windows Server Windows is a security system, it require administrator account must be set a password when you install windows or first login windows. Password Cracker Freeware for recovering lost passwords. Click on Command Prompt link. Works fine on my hp laptop.