Since these programs have been developed on a mac, with no pc version of the software. February 4, at 3: As always, as and when this develops, we will be sure to digest all of the information and let you know when any progress is made with Installer 5. The developer detailed the various features and how this new Cydia alternative works. December 10, at Then on your iphone you will be able to scroll through the icons and find installer. Gian is the resident jailbreak expert at Yalu Jailbreak.

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To get the installer app back again, all apptapp have to do i download in google ibrickr. Any command-shiftspace combinations on your iphone?

AppTapp Installer

Nick – I think the original Nick here. January 5, at 5: Home screen appyapp now packed up with icons and i cant see apptapp installed application. Buenas noches, le di reset a mi iphone y mi computadora no identifica apptapp Tel. If yes, how should i do it? I am on a pc, and have been running the mods just fine. April 1, at 3: Apptapp 21, at 2: However, based on what we can see, this looks like a simple rebrand, potentially with the idea of building additional apps after Installer 5 is published.


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Gadgets, Google, and SEO. There is no good all-in-one knowledge base for doing so. I am running a new compaq with vista, appatpp suggestions? The developer detailed the various features and how this new Cydia alternative works. apptapp

Hack your iPhone: install applications with and AppTapp

My question is, is there a program for Windows that Apptapp can use? Seems there are other possibilities, dash and maybe customize, maybe dock.

AppTap increases revenue apptapp user engagement for mobile apps and web sites with targeted, high-paying native app advertising. I recently purchased an iPhone and have been surfing the net for the last two weeks about modding it, and I have come to a conclusion: Version 3 was released just a few days ago and the new version adds PowerPC support.

The apptapp is that those applications have apptapp occupied all the space in my home screen springboard and i cannot see my installer icon anymore. Also for screenshot on mac you can also use Command-Shift-3 to capture the whole screen like prt scr on windows or Command-Shift-4 and drag a crosshair.


Hack your iPhone: install applications with and AppTapp

Now I have a question. July 12, at 1: October 31, at 7: September 6, at 9: No reason not to get one now. February 29, apptapp 5: I am using version 1. I highly recommend it! I intalled a few apps and after the number went beyond apptapp, installer has disappeared from the screen.

Installer 5 package installation and deletion video demonstration. A proven mobile monetization solution. My firmware is apptapp. My firmware currently is 1.