WinSplit Revolution was of course designed for high-end high-resolution LCD screens that allow you to best utilize every pixel on your screen. Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content. If so, there is now a “Cleanup Tool” available in the download page. Home Desktop Desktop Utilities Advertisement. Window managing can sometimes be a pain, especially when using a single monitor. The registry keys created by the previous installers has been removed, so the “portable mode” won’t touch anything in the registry [Edit] The dialog box has been put back, because of bad language detection, but the created registry key is removed in case of portable install mode..

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Its pride relies in the integrated hotkey support. Especially suitable for high-end LCD screens winsplit revolution 11.04 big resolutions, WinSplit Revolution helps you to manage efficiently active windows. As you can see on the screenshot on the right, the advantages of using WinSplit is that it saves you from having to drag and drop windows by allowing you to snap windows into specific tiled configurations using simple keyboard hotkeys.

The application takes full control of your desktop from your system. Publisher Listed Programs Release Date: No thanks, continue to download WinSplit Revolution. Winsllit download is ready!


Once the program is launched, an icon appears in the system tray: Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

WinSplit Revolution

The registry keys winsplit revolution 11.04 by the previous installers has been removed, so the ‘portable mode’ won’t touch anything in the registry. People will probably still encounter problems to update to this release. WinSplit Revolution has been discontinued, and there are no new updates coming to this product.

WinRAR The king of compressed files. The time for confusion when dealing with many windows id over. Google Play Chrome Extension Free access your library of media from your browser. More reviewed on July 24, Take a look at what this program features: Moreover, the application lets you add custom zones. Softonic review Managing windows when you need to work with more than three or four applications simultaneously can be a real pain.

What happens when you have you use the different application at the same time on your desktop? It is also useful for owners of multi-monitors systems, as it can move a window from one screen to one other by winsplit revolution 11.04 hit a hotkey.

Download WinSplit-Revolution-vexe Free – WinSplit Revolution install file

People will probably still encounter problems to update to this release. The installer and uninstaller language will now be set automatically, winsplit revolution 11.04 the system’s language. Several presets give you winsplit revolution 11.04 11.004 to test out available features. To affect a window in a zone of your desktop, by default just use the pop-up frame virtual numpad or hotkeys on your keyboard, which are by default: Window managing can sometimes be a pain, especially when using a single monitor.


Download and installation help. You can see on Screenshots the advantages of this software, your screen is “splitt” so that devolution are able to display up to 6 no overlaping windows at the same time.

All the test runs were efficient with no crashes for the entire time. CONS Pop-up somewhat annoying: WinSplit Revolution was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir. Modern day monitors continually provide higher resolutions and for this reason we’ve developed a simple program that permits you to “divide” your screen into several parts: Popular apps in Operating Systems.

The message “Impossible to install hooks” was often shown at Winsplit revolution 11.04 startup, and the checkbox saying “Do not display this message anymore” wasn’t working as expected. WinSplit is especially useful for high-end LCD screens with high resolutions because it helps you to efficiently manage many active windows.