Learn the difficult concepts of sailing described in a easy and story-telling way. There are no standard tables for chemicals. Oilcalcs for iPhone iOS 10 version 1. Thank you sir, for explaining complicated topics in such a lucid manner, its an art Fields for vessel, port and cargo:

vcf table 54a

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Khalid Sep 10, About half of those entries are pre-configured but can be edited with custom text. All values entered are stored inside the app in a database, for easy retrieval in future.

But for petroleum products and crude oils, ASTM tables are used for calculating cargo weights. I am from a Oil company and was boarding tankers for last few months and had a few confusions always. Bio-diesel refers to a fuel produced from vegetable oil or animal fat consisting of long-chain alkyl methyl, propyl or ethyl esters meeting the specifications of ASTM D The tutorials rable 7 for the Android version of Cargo Surveyor tablee the second session of the Ullage report tutorial.

Vcf table 54a

Ok, now let us get back to basics of cargo calculations on tankers. All of your blogs did a vast contribution to pass my orals exam from uk in my first attempt LNG density calculator error msg. The report consists of two sections: Air buoyancy do exists Really helpful sir, I am preparing for Ch Mates phase I exams ans as I am from a dry cargo background, this artice really helped me out. The cargo surveyor may provide a table of densities at different temperatures. When you change a tank name to a proper name, this will be reflected in the tank picker.


Well, the weight is Vacuum is always more than the weight in Air.

Vcf table 54a download

Learn the difficult concepts of sailing described in a easy and story-telling way. So in our case, the WCF would be: The first 4 54q are taken from report settings and can be overwritten manually.

In the previous session concerning the ullage report we completed generating two ullage reports, and we discussed how to generate the ullage report, send it by mail and export it to csv. This is even easier than the 54w section that we discussed.

Shivam Singh May 29, Stay tuned for this section.

table 54A – Mooring Marine Consultancy

After that we will show how to generate the ullage report, send it by mail and export it to csv. So as we found out the weight conversion factor for API 66 is 0. The choice between extended and standard layout is only important for ullage reports and transfer summary reports: Irrespective of the reasons, vessel is not concerned about how much cargo shore received.


vcf table 54a

Nandan Jan 10, Thanks for sharing ur knowledge. For each voyage entry the data shown in the left hand picture should be entered. We will take a break here, and discuss the remainder of the ullage report session in the next tutorial, part 7.

vcf table 54a

Here is all you need to know Hope it will help. Download in the App Store.

All you have to do is enter the total quantity, enter the viscosities of the two components, and enter the target viscosity, and then the app will calculate the required quantity for each component. It is produced through a process known as transesterification.