Use the predictive tools to confirm the anticipated trend change. Thankfully Vantage Point assigns a mentor to each buyer so my mentor kept calling to coach me through my questions. The front desk operator confirmed that Matt Golden was an employee. I’m happy to report that my profits have more than paid for the software. I can ride trends fully and avoid non-trending ie unprofitable time frames and stocks. Little did he know, I was also recording the phone call. What is happening is a clever marketing gimmick.

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Vantage Point Software: 86% accurate trading signals?

I am not a sophisticated trader and even struggled with some of the terminology, so I was very skeptical. Harness the power of this program and you will be rewarded. I set my trade targets as soon as I buy and sell as soon as the stock hits the target. Vantage Point is over priced garbage. Would your trading confidence get a boost because of this information? intermafket

People are much more likely to answer a phone call if the phone call comes from a local prefix, it could be an emergency call from a spouse, child, or work. There is no negative information or reparations associated with Louis Mendelsohn. Similar Products to Review.

Frankly, I am pretty surprised to have recently discovered that Dean at FollowMeTrades starting using the software…and he loves it!

My trading experience had been limited to just a couple of years and most of it was related to a bit of day trading low cost stocks and buying dividend stocks because I liked the intermarrket of a monthly or quarterly check.


Next, he explains that the software has been 3rd party verified and authenticated from various reputable sources Traders Magazine, Stocks and Commodities, etc. Your opinion is more important.

I was skeptical at first but then called one of the reference’s that they gave me. After you pick up the phone call from Vantage Point Software, you will be greeted by a vantage point intermarket analysis software young salesperson. He gave me an honest opinion, and I thereafter bought the basic package. Like many newbie traders I made the mistake of not taking the time to properly study the software and how it works — expensive mistake!

Like all tools, you need to understand how to use it, so i passed many hours to study the software … at the beginning i made the mistake to combine lots of indicator provided by VP, after that i understood the simple way to work and to trade is always the best one and more important the most profitable.

Intermarket Analysis

Data users need a reliable source for quality data. I incorporated this into my live trading with great ease and brilliant results. I have used the program for approx one year. Traders need to keep their finger on a lot of pulses these days.

Learn how your comment data is processed. And so, the company is injecting localized area code prefixes into the caller ID of the outgoing phone calls.


Reviews of Trader Tech Vantage Point Software at Investimonials

So, I suggest you get in writing that all upgrades and all training is paid for with your expenditure on the software. Of course it would! I am satisfied with my purchase, my progress, vantage point intermarket analysis software profitability and now know I can do this! The sales presentation rambled on for over 40 minutes. This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials. The sales pitch and negotiations was interesting. At that time, traders were still using a pencil and pieces of paper to draw charts from prices published in local newspapers.

But what you need to realize is that Vantage Point offers a very handsome affiliate program that pays generous commissions to whoever is referring traffic. Mendelsohn was registered in various capacities including a branch manager of a futures company for a yearand a commodity trading advisor for a couple of years After the financial crash of OctoberMr.

Preferred Data Provider for VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software

I am making regular income as a result of Vantage Point. Did you ask Google, Siri or Amazon Alexa for anything today? Give feedback on the new search experience.