It will list apps stored and organised on an SD card in a nice little GUI, which you can very easily customise with descriptions and shiny little. Theme ZIP files can now contain. Wii Downloads The latest Wii hacks, firmware upgrades, and homebrew here. Am I missing something or is the download link messed up? Switch backup loading using hekate-ipl. Once the channel has expired, it cannot be reinstalled, so it’s suggested you use the allocated ten minutes wisely.

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Switch backup loading using hekate-ipl. Reduced the minimum theme size for xml-only themes. Changed the page titles to better convey the purpose of the file being checked. It is especially useful hackmii installer v0.8 you are looking for any conflicting or potentially problematic hackmio. Check the included readme. Added nicer error message triggered when HBC runs out of memory while loading an app.

The ZeroBin paste tool features AES bit encryption browser side and the server has zero knowledge of the data posted.

I went to bootmii. Compared to the Homebrew Channel, the HomebrewFilter features the following additional functionality: All there is, is a folder named “wiiload”, boot. Kidspaint is a painting program mainly for kids, and it is possible to save the pictures on the SD card.


This process does not involve any system-critical parts of the system, and is completely safe. I don’t know if identifying as System Menu works since I was too lazy to test this. Dr Clipper and davebaol Version: Fixed crashes with incomplete meta files. Both of those built in options make it extremely convenient for testing out new code, as well as a general purpose homebrew hackmii installer v0.8.

Nintendo Switch Modchip four wire install. Some of you may be familiar with a major problem in Installet homebrew land.

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The time now is Instsller name or email address: This is required hackmii installer v0.8 USB2 support. Separate names with a comma. Credit goes to Coto for the app title. The new default font is Droid Sans. Switch gamecard related projects on the rise. Includes selfbooting disc image for people with drivechips.

Missing bootmii foulder from HackMii Installer v0.8

LukeFZ Knstaller 11, A couple of fixes to hackmii installer v0.8 integrated SD browser. It also patches the trucha bug back in. No more dead links, no more extracting files, no more finding out that the homebrew application doesn’t include an icon.


The Homebrew Browser allows you to download the latest homebrew applications and games all through your Wii.

Have you got news or files to share but prefer to do so anonymously? You may not care about the uglyness of this approach, the code quality of the replacing modules, or the risks associated with replacing a vanilla IOS.

HackMii Installer v – EmuCR

Fixed memory leaks while loading themes and in app entries. Thanks to some serious work by tueidj, all homebrew applications can now utilize this USB2 module instalker libogc. A note about unofficial IOS versions: PS3Xploit v3 for SuperSlim and leak.