Sign In Sign Up. Goodnews theme is really good. Scale and Genie effects of minimization Placement on any part of the screen Skin system ; enable you to use simple images and text descriptions to make new skins Download XWindows Dock!! Log into your account. It would be nice to be able to add the “genie effect” when minimizing windows, where the minimized window’s path is shown as it enters the dock. ObjectDock can also automatically hide itself when not in use and will reappear when you move your mouse to its position. So for you to launch an application, all you have to do is click on app icon in the Dock but to quit an application, you can click and hold the pointer over its icon until a context menu is display which will brings some options on that context menu, you will find an option to Quit the application there.

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I don’t know when they will release a new version. Log into your account.

Genie Effect for Rocketdock? – Customizing Windows – Aqua-Soft Forums

I tried Objectdock foar a while, but Id never convinved me too bulky, or bloated, not so genie effect rocketdock I also tried RK launcher but I kept hoping it would become better but Raduking seems to have given it up it’s a shame Anyhow, so far, Rocketdock is the best for me rockstdock terms of stabily, smoothness and usability. Any suggestions, thanks in advanced.

I think you should also focus on your alexa ranking. That will make the animations a little more consistent. Please take the time to register with us.


Posted 25 Mar Same thing goes for restoring a minimized window. Computer Laptop Software Windows. I personally dont use the genie effect, but ive tested it and it works really good on genie effect rocketdock laptop, if it were to fast i wouldnt have rocletdock to appreciate the effect, and its not tooo slow either.

Best not to flick boogers at the big guys when they are watching. There are many animated dock for window based computer to makes the desktop look cleaner and let you access programs more easily.

You can use YZ-docklets and Objectdock docklets. Reply 6 August 6, Once confirmed, you can look rocketdoock to receiving exclusive specials and announcements direct from Stardock. Hi guys Sorry if i’m not in the good section but genie effect rocketdock didn’t find a rocketdock one I looked everywhere via the search section for an answer, but nothing really answered to my question.

Genie Effect Rocketdock Free

At the very least, it would be nice to make it so a minimized window doesn’t show it’s path to an off-screen taskbar. Make sure you have the latest vesion 1. Subscribe to this post Do not email me updates for this post Email me updates for this post. Stardock can do the same If you are looking for an easy way to extend the functionality and simplicity of your desktop, you can try any of the docks,one of these docks should suit your needs perfectly.

Well, it isn’t genie effect rocketdock exact genie effect, but there is a minimze effect on Rocketdock. Bobah’s new Xwindows Dock looks very promising although it seems too greedy for my computer.



Personally I tried an still try all docks available. The used to have a very active forum, but they perhaps got tired of managing it and rocketdoock it. We have the genie effect for ObjectDock in-house genie effect rocketdock for obvious reasons it’s disabled when we put out public builds.

This is a long requested feature than i will wait to see, i see a lot of forums with user asking like me. Its features include ; Add your favorite applications, folders, stacks and genie effect rocketdock to the dock. For the moment Rocketdock developement is on standby as they are seeing to other projects.

Winstep Forums • View topic – Minimize windows to dock, a.k.a genie lamp effect?

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You have an exclusion list, so you can turn off i. Which of the above docks are you using or preferred? Genie effect rocketdock can also automatically hide itself when not in use and will reappear when you move your mouse to its position. Posted 21 Gdnie