But I keep my faith in Rohail Hyatt: Hmmmm, didn’t like any of the songs really in Episode 3. Chakwal Group and Meesha song is fantastic! Neray Aah – Brilliant! Hadiqa Kiani – perfect! They are from Karachi, went to school with my sis in law. They are from Karachi.

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Have never liked any of the songs on coke studio.

Is Nadeem Abbas Lonay Wala in? Bohemia is the very first rap artist to feature at Coke Studio. Trying to rap like a badass with acoustic guitars.

I think Rohail needs to stop taking every adviceMeesha would have been much better because you cannot even hear Rachel at times. This is a good ideathere should be more instrumentals. Great but they need someone like Nayarra Noor and agree with bringing Zohaib and Sheikhi.

Episodes Featured artists Music of Pakistan. The season consisted of five episodeswhich aired on May 13, May 27, June 10, June 24 and July 8 respectively. Their whole band has taken over CSman.

Is it just me or that Overload guy cannot keep his eyes charkha nolakha coke studio Rachel Viccaji: Probably chariha best live fusion music show in the world.


Because I always say Khusraw. Atif Aslam ‘s skirt with the turban was funny to look at. I wish Shafqat did itloved the shehnai on CS version though.

Coke Studio: Charkha Nolakha by Atif Aslam & Qayaas (Season 5) – Binish Chords – Chordify

Coke Studio Pakistan portal. I agree with you, Rohail Hayat is indeed genius and a rare gem in the country. Fareed Ayaz and Abu Mohammad were just amazing! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Episode Two

On the other hand, Humayun Khan who is a pop artist from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa K-Pwill bring elements of ethnic pop to the table. Popular acts Although this season will be introducing young acts like Studik and mark the return of Bilal Khan, they are definitely not the musicians who we are expecting miracles from; mostly, because they might be outdone by a whole list of amazing musicians who are expected to cokee up the stage this time around.

The Jaswals are defo. The original track is magical. Chakwal Group and Meesha song is fantastic! Hope the last 2 episodes are better than what we’ve had. Charkha nolakha coke studio out the gallery below for the exclusive featured artists photos.


Charkha – Episode 2 – Season 7 – Coke Studio Pakistan

Taaray – music is awesomeBilal ‘s singing is decent but lol the lyrics make no sense: Neray Aah charkha nolakha coke studio thought it was great.

Uzair l and Umair r https: Idk but i think CDs are only available in Pakistan. Only listened to Bohemia so far. Bolay was a fun song: Have to say Farhad Humayun has been the perfect replacement for Gumbyhas not disappointed at all.

Yea Nayyara Noor tooi thought she had come on CS but i was wrong. And the lead singer wanted Rachel to sing this one so Rohail Hayat agreed to it. Alif Allah is one of my favaorties too.