Elsewhere the mood is darker: Those gigs take work. We did a rhythm section workshop — he was maybe 13 or 14 at the time — and he decided there and then he wanted to play bass, and he started to come down to the Boaters to see Lawrence Cottle play. Now, if this new slimline volume is to be believed, you can learn all about jazz in roughly the same amount of time. But of course luck has nothing to do with it:

boosa da shoota badass

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Bram came out for his first time as well, the room was packed with hearty singers, and the love was thick in the air. As amazing as the shows have been this month, my favourite thing of all has been the time at home, woodshedding, practicing yoga, getting to know the guitar fretboard, running through scales, frailing fiddle tunes on the banjo, and tackling friends’ songs that I’ve been meaning to learn for ages.

Spending that time with Mary and hearing her stories really helped me make sense of the conflicted feelings I’d been wrestling with on landing back badasw the country of my birth, deep in the heart of Texas at that, with the repeated invocations of God and Country set against the display of flagrant criminality coming from the White House.

PEI’s bigger than I knew, with all its corners and valleys and coves and villages, but in a way it’s just one big small town. It’s always easier to do the things we know how to do, than the thing we don’t know how to do.

I’m pleased to report that we broke a lot of new ground.

boosa da shoota badass

Mark set a standard for individualism, and he set the bar for interpretive personalization, I guess you might say, in the jazz idiom. As I’m sure many of you readers know, Guatemala’s had a rough go, from the brutal Spanish invasion and exploitation onward. The velvet-voiced singer from Minneapolis, now reportedly shoot in London, has been making a lot of new friends here, and with good sboota The whole enterprise is suffused with energy and warmth.


Boosa Da Shoota Ft. Fat Trel, Chief Keef & Fredo Santana [Instrumental] (Prod. By Cashous Clay)

But Stan and Linda vadass kind like so many gracious hosts I’ve barely met who’ve invited me to sing songs in their living roomand the good folks kept arriving with food and howdy-dos and reminiscences of my previous visits shpota the Northwest, and it gradually became clear to me that the magic was gonna happen, whether I felt like it or not.

Once the activation is done and your purchased mixtapes are added to your account, you are notified via email. Here Dominic Marshall again contributes a stream of beautiful melodic and harmonic ideas. My sister and her husband are home from Korea for Christmas, and it feels great to have the family together.

Gilles Peterson has apparently had her in his sights since she was a booa, but decided to wait until now to record her for his label. So many places I passed through were scenes of the Civil War.

boosa da shoota badass

Full London A Cappella Festival line-up. On my way to a house concert in Pennsylvania the following week, I heard there was a big storm on its way. Today I slept in, for the first time in a long time, and then rode the ferry across to Vashon, where I’ve been shpota up the greens and blues, and feeling my whole nervous system settling down as a result.

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He had no cause to worry: And now there’s a whole “Beer Mile” niche of running So if you believe the recorded evidence from the fed’s NCAA corruption sting, Kansas tried to buy stud recruit Zion Williamson with “whatever it takes” and yet he still chose Duke. Several near-strangers had already come to our rescue in Taiwan: I made my way north over the Blue Ridge from there, played three lovely shows in Ohio and then drove up to the Cook family farm in northern Michigan, where it was most definitely winter, and hard to believe that I’d been riding a bicycle around Charlotte in a t-shirt not a week before.

I can’t say I’m psyched to be returning to snowy Alberta, but one thing making it a lot more appealing is the thought of reuniting with the Second Chances for a few choice dates right away: He learned from Jon, and he was physically present when they were doing a lot of things. And have I ever steered you wrong? One tall black older fella asked me about the ukelele and then said “Start playing! This busy band on the London jazz scene consists of a nucleus orbited by several electrons. We got to play for lots of folks who’d never heard of us, and plenty of them took albums home with them.


SDMG #2 | Fat Trel – Maybach Music Group

It was great to smell the coastal air, reconnect with so many friends along the way, and share three more shows and lots more laughs with our favourite irreverent self-referential power duo, Kitty and the Rooster.

As it turned out, apart from using shootaa couple of introductory backing tapes, they simply re-arranged the songs for a smaller ensemble.

It’s an unbelievable honour to play all four of Alberta’s major folk festivals in the same summer, and to share stages with so many greats. It’s perfect to be back here now, as I’m recording the remaining lead vocals and a few leftover bits of guitar, settling on the wording for the last few songs, and tracking a brand new one that I wrote during my run in the Pacific Northwest last month.

Candelo’s my favourite Aussie village, and the place Bposa Raymond and I have been calling home for the week. Peter Jones caught up with Xhoota in Cheltenham. Several nights I feel asleep in my tent to the serenade of a mockingbird running through all the songs he knew.

But those of you who’ve been with me for a while know that’s par for the course.