Click on 2 gems to swap their locations. Click on a goal for hints on how to proceed N. Walk forward, then take the path to the left of the waterfall. Each button swaps 2 flowers Q. Locate all the items on the list. Awakening — Moonfell Wood — Pavilion.

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Leave a comment [ top of page ]. Heading back to the waterfall, talk to the Fairy Queen and she will ask you to find 21 Fairy Beads. Note the Awakening moonfell wood walkthrough is missing a flower from his bouquet F. Lutaru gives us a box for playing, with a small button here and a tiny hole there and waits until we figure out what to do with it.

Take note of the lectern H.

Locate the 12 hearts. Click on 2 pieces of glass to swap positions; click again to rotate a piece of glass.

Awakening: Moonfell Wood Walkthrough & Cheats

Click on 2 pieces of paper to swap their locations. Refer to the journal for clues to mini-games L.


After we leave it, Kiterescu takes us first to the Look at the close-up of the nest A. You may skip it, but when playing the game for the first time, we recommend that you take the tutorial. Look at the close-up of the lily pad and click on the frog O.

Look at the stone pedestals on the right. Look at the stone portal. Complete all awakening moonfell wood walkthrough flowers. Click and drag an adjacent tile into the empty spot. Look at the backpack for a hidden object scene J.

Awakening 2: Moonfell Wood

Head down the path to the right and rearrange the shapes on the nearby spider web so the like shapes are lined up, with the large ones awakenibg the outside and the small ones on the inside. Click on 2 figurines to swap positions.

Both the crest and the map are recorded into your journal. Look at the close-up of the storage box Q. Click to take or place awakening moonfell wood walkthrough piece, click again to rotate a piece.

Awakening 2: Moonfell Wood – Walkthrough, Tips, Review

The fragments are color-coded to show with which figurine they belong. Look at the herb chest at the foot of the stairs. The young princess Sophia awakens from a year long slumber to find everyone has disappeared.


Refer to your journal for the combination W. On the Main Menu, click on Settings to adjust the sound volume, music volume, and toggle between full screen or windowed display. Locate all the items.

Get the Oil Tap from the rucksack, then grab the Wooden Pole. Look at the unlit alcove. Save links to your favorite games here. Button 2 swaps the flowers at the 2 and 6 positions. Walk down 7 times and enter the pavilion. Return awakening moonfell wood walkthrough the base of the bridge and the statues.