Beston RTA on-axis frequency response. Published on 27 July By Claudia downloads. The correct Figure 18 is shown here. This is not surprising. This article, published in audioXpress, April , describes a novel design that is very simple yet offers excellent performance.

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Published on 26 November Modified on 26 October By marco downloads. Published on 23 September Modified on 23 September By marco downloads. Published on 20 September By Claudia downloads.

T-reg: A High-Voltage Regulator for Tube Amps

Here is the corrected schematic. September 20, by Rick Spencer. The correct figures are shown below. This article was originally published in audioXpress, April The correct Figure 18 is shown here. Here is a front view with the VU meters illuminated.

Transadmittance feedback gives rise to a transimpedance amplifier or a current-controlled voltage source CCVS. November 1, by Jan Didden.


Errata, Corrections, & Updates | audioXpress

Audiospress send your comments and suggestions to editor audioxpress. The negative lead should be connected to the diode. The correct image and caption are shown below.

audioxpress august 2012

The team is actually from the Michigan Technological University. Published on 14 May By Audioxpresw downloads. The correct website is www. Celestion was incorrectly identified in the January issue of Voice Coil. This article, published in audioXpress, Aprildescribes a novel design that is very simple yet offers excellent performance. Published on 06 February Modified on 09 June By marco downloads. Tube amplifiers can benefit from regulated and audiozpress power supplies, especially sensitive preamplifier stages, but also single-ended power amps.

This is not surprising.

audioxpress august 2012

The Audio Voice Newsletter. Published on 29 July Modified on 03 January By marco downloads. In both cases, the phase splitter is the second stage, and it is followed by a balanced Class-A push-pull driver stage.

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He is still the TDL president and principal designer. July 26, by Robert Nance Dee. Ethan Winer explains how to “Build the Mojo Maestro,” a simple device that allows auguet distortion” or saturation from any recording or track. The two figures, part of his review of the Beston Technology RTA ribbon tweeter, appear correctly below.


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audioxpress august 2012

Here is the correct Figure 2. August 5, by Bill Reeve. Published on 29 March By Claudia downloads.

The caption for the image should read: So it is a full-wave doubler rectifier, although it is drawn in a very unique way.